Who Flips Houses In San Antonio TX

Starlit Hills Flip Problems Already

House Flipping In San Antonio comes with unexpected issues.

About a week into the flip and we already have some significant issues. Looking at some of the electric work behind some of the walls after demo-ing the kitchen and bathrooms has us concerned. We are consulting with electricians to see what is needed but it is possible we end up needing substantial electric work that we previously didn’t expect. This could lead to us having to address other areas that we didn’t expect or budget for.

Fun Fact: We found a family of possums living behind the kitchen cabinets. They scrambled out once we got done laughing!

Flipping Houses and the Search For Materials

We’ve had a tough time finding vinyl siding that matches the existing siding. We normally just tear this stuff off but it actually is in pretty good shape. We just need a few pieces for a couple of spots that need repair. Our target ARV is 120-130K. There shouldn’t be any specialty materials or finishes needed. This siding is about the only unusual item we have to look outside of our normal big-box suppliers.

Other Fun and Exciting Flip Updates

Spoiler Alert! Nothing exciting happening yet! Other updates: the demo is getting close to being finished. Roofers are scheduled. We might need to get some mouse traps…we’ll see.

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